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Pro Shop Starter Pack

"The Wet Club Scrub"

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Introducing the Pro Shop Starter Pack!

Perfect for golf clubs looking to prove that providing their members with top-notch club cleaning accessories is a wise decision. This bundle includes 12 original grooveit wet club scrubs and 12 miniG dry brushes. Elevate the golfing experience for your members and boost your pro shop's revenue with this incredible offer.

Bundle Features:

- 12 GrooveIt Golf Club Cleaners: Keep your golf clubs in pristine condition with our grooveIt brush. These high-quality brushes are designed to remove dirt and debris from club grooves using the integrated water pump, ensuring optimal performance on the course. Say goodbye to mud-caked irons and hello to better shots.

- 12 miniG : Our miniG brushes are the perfect companion for every golfer. Compact and easy to carry, these brushes provide a quick way to clean golf clubs. The magnet and strong nylon bristles are highly renowned. 

Why Choose the Pro Shop Starter Pack Bundle?

- Enhance Player Performance: Clean clubs and golf balls lead to better shots and lower scores. Your members will appreciate the improved playability.

- Convenience: Golfers can conveniently purchase these brushes at your pro shop, saving them time and effort searching for individual accessories online.

- Pro Shop Revenue: Increase your pro shop's revenue by offering these premium accessories. Golfers will be eager to grab these essential accessories.

Order the Pro Shop Starter Pack today and give your golf club members the tools they need for success on the course. Elevate their golfing experience and boost your pro shop's profitability. Don't miss out on this fantastic offer!

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